NewsTaproom Draft Lineup

June 18, 2020

This is what’s on tap right now.

Beer Type Description
Freemason Cream Ale Corn, Creamy
Lil’ Smack American IPA Citra Hops, Mandarin
H-90 Wheat With Fruit Pineapple, Tropical
Lil’ Miss Sour Sour with Fruit Tangerine, Dry
Ole Buddy Hazy IPA Citra & Mosaic Hops, Soft
Raspberry Ginger Gulf Sour Raspberry, Tart
Big Smack Double IPA Rakan, Motveka, Tropical
Cherry Lane Gulf Sour Black Cherry, Tangy
Guava Jelly Gulf Sour Guava, Tart
Yip-Yap Belgian IPA Ekuanot Hops, Lime Zest
Barrier Island Pale Lager Pilsner Malt, Orange Blossom
Sunday Vibes Liechtbier Pilsner Malt, White Flower
Hammer German Pilsner Pilsnar Malt, Cracker
Love Bug Gulf Sour Passion Fruit, Mango, Tangy

Available Bombers

Name Style
Nervous Waters Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout Russian Imperial Stout, Aged In A Woodford Reserve Cast